"From the depths of the Earth into your hands, Vertige jewelry have a history. They evolve and pass through different phases"

Ivanoé Miller

Ruby mine

The miners first dig the horizontal veins in the marble, then they identify the vertical veins to extract the rubies.

Rough gems

Rough gemstones just extracted from the mine. Most of them are spinels, along with a few rubies and aquamarines.


First review of recently extracted gemstones, here a majority of sapphires.

The selection

Selection of the gemstones before the cut. Here, pure spinels of a vibrant pinkish red color.

Ruby cutting

Not far away from a gemstone market this craftsman cuts in the traditional way, the last rubies just out of the ground.

Jade market

Various shades and qualities of jade are waiting your choice to give life to a futur jewel.


The gemstones must then be analysed under a microscope to confirm their nature, the absence of any treatment, as well as their origin. This process is necessary in order to estimate their value and to certify them.

The birth

Our jewels are first gracefully drawn on paper by hand. Sketches are brought to life through graphics, born from emotion and memories, until a final project is developed.

The workshop

Design workshop, creation of custom-made jewellery. Each piece is unique, adjusted to each gemstone and to his or her soul.